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The mission of Tarlesson Foundation is to help alleviate suffering, hunger, poverty or social ills due to war, civil strife, catastrophic or societal constrains. We do this by providing direct material, financial, technical and professional assistance to concerned individuals and communities. Additionally, Tarlesson Foundation has a commitment to help address myriads of social and economic challenges, and including medical help, primary education K-12, shelter for women in forced relationship, orphaned, and street and abandoned children.



Sunday, july 07, 2013 

This festival is held annually
on the First Sunday in July!

Our 2013 Festival pre-event activities start July 5-6th 
Main event will be held on Sunday, July 7th 

TIME: 4:00PM-8:00PM


Tarlesson Foundation is a humanitarian, non-governmental organization providing assistance to rural poor particularly limited-resource family farmers and people who are uprooted by war and violence around the world.

We Support


  • Human Rights
  • Family farmers
  • Refugee assistance
  • Poverty eradication



Established in 2011, the Foundation was formed on the idea that "if you teach a person how to fish, you will have fed him or her for life”. In other words, people are better helped when they are equipped to be able to help themselves on a continuous basis, instead of constantly relying on handouts. From its inception, Tarlesson Foundation took bold role establishing practical, non-traditional approach to poverty eradication and humanitarian assistance. The founder, Rev. Roosevelt Tarlesson believes that with his experience with African refugees and the poor in Africa and U.S., that he has an accurate understanding of how to meet the needs of African refugees and rural poor. Programs aim at individuals abilities development and improvement, and communities capacities development and improvement at local level will be the most effective and sustainable approach. It is an approach that combines humanitarian assistance and self-development. Additionally, through material and cash assistance, training, education, employment, and income generating programs, we help the poor improve or acquire new skills to become self-reliant.